Process & Fees

Fees are dependent on the complexity of the case which will be assessed in the initial review of documentation.  These fees are not recoverable in the adjudication process (unless provided for under the contract) but are worthwhile in recovering or defending payment under the Act.

1. FREE assessment
Of Payment Claim, Payment Schedule, Adjudication Application or Adjudication Response

2. Adjudicate Assist
To come back with assessment of case, which will include recommendation of fixed fee or hourly rate, level of consultant, estimate of hours and payment required at this stage to proceed

3. Preparation and lodgement of the Payment Claim / Payment Schedule:
• Consultation to obtain all relevant documentation.
• Company History searches / QBCC Licence search (where appropriate).
• Preparation of the Payment Claim / Payment Schedule.
• Lodgement of the Payment Claim / Payment Schedule.
• Follow up and monitoring of Payment Claim / Payment Schedule.

4. Preparation and lodgement of the Adjudication Application / Response:
Preparation of the Claimant’s submission.
• Lodgement of the Adjudication Application with QBCC and Respondent.
• Preparation of the Respondent’s submission.
• Lodgement of the Adjudication Response with the Adjudicator and Claimant.

5. Further submissions:
Preparation of any submissions required in regards to the Adjudication Application / Adjudication Response.
• Lodgement of submissions with the Adjudicator and Respondent / Claimant.

6. Adjudication Certificates:
Calculation of interest and preparation of paperwork in relation to generation of an Adjudication Certificate.
• Advice for recovering the debt with an Adjudication Certificate.

QBCC and Adjudicator Fees
Claimants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee to lodge an application with QBCC.  Generally the Adjudicator’s fees must be paid prior to the release of the decision.

Adjudicator fees are dependent on the adjudicator, experience and relevant skills as well as the complexity of the adjudication.

QBCC has set fixed fees for application applications up to $25,000, with hourly rate charges for applications above $25,000. As part of the Adjudication Decision, the adjudicator will decide on apportionment of adjudicator fees between the Claimant and Respondent.  Normally the winner in the matter is not liable for the Adjudicator fees.

Claimants are required to pay a non-refundable Adjudication Certificate application fee which is calculated based upon the payment claim amount and payable at the time of the application.