If you’re preparing to bring your payment claim to adjudication, getting your adjudication application documents in order should be your number one priority

Monthly Adjudication Statistics published by QBCC for January 2016 indicate that 31.5% of all applications made to QBCC are withdrawn before being referred to an adjudicator because of application validation issues.

Additionally, 18% of all adjudication decisions released the adjudicator found that there was no jurisdiction.

Put another way, this means that approximately 40% of all adjudication applications made to QBCC in this time period do not result in a decision because of validation issues. This inevitably means claimants are not getting the best bang-for-buck when pursuing adjudication.

Claimants need to ensure that their applications tick all the boxes before being submitted, to avoid unnecessary disappointment and wasting the application fee.

If in doubt – seek expert assistance from Adjudicate Assist.